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With Atebion You Can

Follow the logic of a model a year on

Most programmers know that when you come back in two weeks you will have forgotten how you did the calculations. In Atebion a Variable is identified by its own descriptive name.   Equations appear in standard language such as:

[Total Fixed Cost Prod A] + [Total Variable Cost Prod A] =

[Unit Cost Prod A] * [Total Work Load Prod A]

This avoids unintelligible Cell references and in addition any object can have additional comments attached and freely visible.


The full name of each variable will be shown as follows:


 [Folder Name] [Column Name] [Roy Name]


Note: Most users will never see a single equation.

Structure thousands of sheets for easy navigation

Tens, hundreds or even thousands of sheets can be structured in an alterable tree like structure (similar to Windows Explorer® file manager) for easy navigation and a clear understanding of any model.

NOTE:  In Atebion we force you to structure your model. Navigation is an important issue. How would people navigate without Windows Explorer® file manager?

Model the way you work and in a way you know how

By using Equations instead of one-way formula you model the way you work without thinking how to convert your understanding of the tasks to formula(s), this also makes it easier for others to follow your logic.  

Goal seek without re-designing your model

After you have defined your relationships in Atebion you can reverse any inputs and outputs.  This gives you the ability to goal seek without editing a single Equation. More advanced or frequent "What ifs" may be controlled by the use of macros where you can automatically swap known and unknown variable attributes and automatically switch appropriate equations on and off if needed.

{if spreadsheets add “What if …?” to standard BASIC, then Atebion adds “What about …?” to spreadsheets.]  No need to buy those add-ons that don’t really work well}.

Find logical errors and inconsistencies within a model

Special and unique diagnostic tools identify logical errors and inconsistencies in Atebion.  Such cases as unsolvable task or unstable (continuous) solutions are highlighted by the program and errors are easily traced in most models. 

Atebion can also display a list of all Equations acting on a Variable and all Variables involved in a particular Equation.  By alternately selecting Equations and Variables you can "drill down" through a system of Equations to identify how a value is derived.

Select any variable and immediately see what it depends on, or it influences, with a break down of each calculational step.

Interactive Graphs

As you highlight a variable in a sheet you can see the corresponding point on a graph or highlight a point on a graph and you will see the corresponding sheet with the corresponding cell highlighted.  Allows the busy manager to immediately see where the point on the graph comes from.


Save and Add sub-projects

Different users can work on different models which can be saved as a whole or part of, then added or substituted at any time into a master model. This allows you to build more manageable, modular template solutions, which can be combined into a bigger, more complex solution.


The top report sheet of our hospital diagnostic departments costing models feeds the surgical departments costing models with a price list.


Model Feedback Processes

Many real systems involve feedback processes ‘A’ depends on ‘B’ which it self depends on ‘A’.  In reality these situations involve simultaneous Equations that Atebion solves automatically.  As an example this is ideal for cross charging overheads where 5% of finance budget goes to supplies and 6% of supplies budget goes to finance (no more circular argument errors. [It is always beneficial to make the tool fit your system, rather than making your system fit the tool.]

Extended Equation Syntax

Equation Syntax is just a means to assist you to write Equations in shorthand.   You can still write all Equations in long hand but why walk everywhere when you have purchased a car?

Syntax can save considerable work. e.g. For example: if you have three sheets of identical size, named Budget, Actual and Variance, only one Equation is needed to calculate all the variance values of each Cell. This single equation can be extended to cover additional sheets when you insert keywords in Folder names.

We have one customer whom has over 1,600 sheets with over 1,400,000 calculated values. There are only 160 equations, one for each rule.

Test Equations

After you create a more complex equation or to assist you with understanding someone else’s equation (especially where advanced syntax is used), you can use the Test Equation button to see the results after the computer breaks down complex equations into their basic parts.  

Create customized reports with automatic linked equations

Automatically create linked reports without the need to write a single equation.


Best fitting solution where no solution is found

On calculation if no perfect solution is found then you will have the option to load the best fitting solution found, even if it does not match all your limitations. You can then decide if these values are acceptable without any further work.


Shorter Model Building times

The time it will take to build a real working business model in Atebion is much less than it would take in spreadsheets.  The larger the model, the more time saved, and then you have the added advantages of other trained developers being able to follow your logic and edit your model.

User Defined Functions

The developer has the ability to write their own user defined mathematical functions.

User Defined Macro facilities

By using Atebion’s Macro facilities the user can greatly reduce the time and errors when updating a standard model.

User Version of the Atebion Software

To minimize errors we have a User Version of the software to edit standard models that have been created in the Professional Developers Version. The user won’t be able to carry out commands except by the use of macros.

User Defined Functions

The developer has the ability to write their own user defined mathematical functions.

Access and User Model Protection

The software program can only be leased and comes in three versions:

·          Professional Developers Version: This is restricted to fully trained approved model developers. This version is the same as the Standard Developers Version but with the additional feature to create macro controlled user models which simplify end user training and minimizes errors during the day to day editing and reporting (see the costing model example). Models created in this version can not be edited by the Standard Developers Version which gives extra protection to what we call Core Models.

·          Standard Developers Version: Full developer’s version excluding the Macro Editor. Users can create and edit models, except those last saved in the Professional Developers Version.

·          User Version: This version can load Standard Developers Models but with restricted commands available for the day to day user in order to minimize errors.  Standard Core Models which require access to more advanced commands which are not available in the User Version may use the Macros created in the Professional Developers Version (see the costing model example).

Ensuring that errors are kept to the minimum and users can not do illegal actions, the Professional Developers version can simplify complex models like the Standard Costing Model so that day to day users with minimum training can only update allowed figures and create allowed reports using the User Version,